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About Company
Aqua Control System is a company governed by four engineers. We are manufacturing "WATER FLOW REGULATOR", "MOULD TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER", QUICK RELEASE COUPLING", "MOULD CHILLER", "HOPPER DRYER", "ROBOT AS A TAKE OFF UNIT" etc. These all are auxiliary equipments, which are widely used in plastic injection moulding industries. We have enough excellent experience of usage af aforesaid products. We have enough in house machinery facilities to manufacture all above said product..
Product We Offer
Aqua Mould Temp. Controller And Chiller
AQUA CONTROL SYSTEM is pleased to announce our new product of water controller unit "DOLPHIN"_ ACS 15 series and chiller.lt is widely used in plastic industries eg INJECTION MOULDING INDUSTRIES for Mould Temperature controller (MTC),EXTRUSION INDUSTRIES chilled roller Temperature controller and in CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES for chilled water circulation

1.Water is common denomiator for every living thing on the earth. Water seeps through the soil and rocks and all the while it keeps on collecting a number of largely undesirable elements such as hardness agent, odour & chemical pollutant due to industries, DOLPHIN-ACS 15 will remove hardness from your water by passing through high exchange capacityion exchange base resin media within permissible limit (350 ppm to less than 5 ppm).

2.Numerous industrial processes run by supply and dissipation of heat surplus process heat is here drawn off by cooling with cold water from the customer.High performance water cooled compact chillers of the DOLPHIN-ACS 15 range increase productivity, shorter cycler times and reduce manufacturing cost. The resulting good level of efficiency causes low operatig costs,high reliability of operation and long life

3.In fact chiller have some limitation in temp.exactness.lt can work within 5*C to 10*c temp.different. Now it is necessary to use exact *C tempered water to get best performance in Injection Moulding Industries,Extrusion Industries as well as Chemical Industries while processing.DOLPHIN-ACS 15 take over this important task. In Injection Moulding Industries Mould temp.play an important roll to produce best Moulding.In Extrusion Industries the chilled roller should work within short temp. diffence say +/- 1*C. to get better performance. In this part of DOLPHIN-ACS 15 Water temp. range is 25*C-80*C.

Microprocessor controlles developed especially for the application guarantee an exact temp. control. The compact design allows the installation even in case of restricted space.

1. Remove Hardness from your water within 350 ppm to less than 5 ppm.
2. Large insulated stainless steel tanks.
3. Level electrode as dry running protection.
4. Protection of cooling circuit by high orotection.
5. Electrical circuit accommodating all necessary power and control components.
6. Single phase prevention.
7. Short circuit breaker (MCB) for electrical safety
8. Maintenance free high power circulation pump.
9. Automatic water refeeding.
10. Compact controller with high setting accuracy.
11. LCD display of set and actual values.
12. Filter in cooling as well as hot water circuit.
13. Parts in contact with water of corrosion resistance material.
Technical Data  
Nom.COoling Capacity (KCAL/HR) :4500
Chilled Pump Pressure(KG/CM2) :1.8
Circulating Medium Max.(TEMP.0C :water:80 c /Oil:150 C
Hot Water Pump Pressure(KG/CM2) :1.8
pumP Motor :Chilled :0.4 KW/HOt:0.4KW
Max.Tank Volume :Chilled:25 lt.HOt:25 lt.
Operating Voltage :3 Ph-415 V-50 Hz
Tota Connected LOad :5.5 KW
Dimension (LxWxH) mm :1425 x 660 x 1640
Water Flow Regulators For Mould Cooling
Why Use This Unit?
Do you know ? How many problems are caused in plastics processing, while not regulating the flow pf cooling water?
Short Short : Mould is, Ununiform mould temp.
Sink Marks : Product too hot when ejected.
Brittleness of Components: Mould surface is too cold.
Bubbles and Voids : Condensation on cavity surface.
Surface Lamination : Mould surface is too cold.
SURFACE waviness(Pits.orangeped.wrinkles): Mould surface is too cold.
Warping: Mould cooling uneven.
Poor Weld Line: Mould toocold.
Dimemsional Variations: Ununiform mould temp.
Gate Smear: Mould temp. not enough.
1. Poor Gloss: MOuld is too cold.
2. Rocker Bottoms: Insufficient mould cooling.
3. Parts Sticking: Mould too hot.
4. Rough Grain Surface : Mould temp. very high.
5. Warpage: Insufficient cooling, Non-Uniform cooling.
1. Chill Marks: Mould too cold.
2. Warping: Improper cooling.
3. Blush or Change in Colour Intensity: Mould is too cold.
4. Bad Surface Marking: Mould is cool.
1. Short Shot: Improper cooling.
2. Crystalline Haze: Check for proper cooling.
1. Splay Marks: Prevent condensation.
2. Preform Sticking and Destoring: Decrease mould temp.
Flow regulators provide exact control of waterflow to different cooling circuits. Visual indication of the waterflow in each cooling zone and thereby exact and quick reproducibility after mould changes.
Simple and compact design.
Dependability due to robust construction, all working parts including brass control valves for supply and return.
Precise control and perfect seal of each circuit.
Easy connection for water supply and return on the side of the manifold and of each cooling circuit, by hose nipples.
Easy cleaning of indicating pipes as they are quickly removable vie bayonet coupling.
Suitable for open and closed cooling circuits.
The essential equipment for every Injection MOulding,Blow moulding & Thermoforming machine..
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The Essential equipment for every injection moduling, Blow Moduling & Thermoforming.
The Essential equipment for every injection moduling, Blow Moduling & Thermoforming.
Aqua Robot Technology
-The new Aqua robot can be configured with the vertical arm as well as the kickstroke assembly made of light weight alu. Alloy Material.
-The new light weight constructino offers several advantages in the robot technology.
1 Reduces the weight of moving mass while simultaneously providing extreme stiffness.
2. Reduces the part removal type the robot to the absolute minimum.
3. Guarantees maximum utilization of the molding machine.
The Essential equipment for every injection moduling, Blow Moduling & Thermoforming.
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Mould Water Chiller
We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mould water chillers of supreme quality. These mould water chillers have following features:
- Highest safety features by electrical and electronics interlocking also by electrically operated water level switch
- # Easy to use operator interface
- # A new system for stability and economy
- Robust construction and aesthetic look out
- Precise temperature control and pressure control
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Specification Of Chiller  
1.The above models are with R-22 as a refrigerant.
Nominal cooling capacity is according to
Inlet chilled fluid temperature 12 C
Outlet chilled fluid temperature 7 C
Inlet cooling air temperature 30 C
Outlet cooling air temperature 38 C

2.Working range:
The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5 C to 35 C.
Temperature difference between inlet and outlet chilled fluid is 3 C to 8 C.
It is better to use the chiller while the ambient temperature at or below 35 C.
We reserve the right to modify the above dimensions or parameters without further notice.
Mould Temperature Controller
We offer superior quality mold temperature controllers, which are indispensable for plastic industry. These controllers find application for manufacturing different types of plastics materials. During the process of molding , the temperature can be preset to the proper requirement. The injection molds are preheated to the preset temperature and do not require trial shot. Raw materials can be avoided being wasted during pilot shots.
- Micro-computer controlling system.
- Short heating or cooling time
- Stable temperature
- Inside pipe with safety explode-proof valve
- Medium circulation pipe with pipe block.
- Safety protection and errors indication system for easy operation & maintenance
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• Simple & compact design
• Suitable for moving plate & fix plate of injection moulding machine.
• Suitable for closed cooling circuits.
• Easy connection for supply & return cooling circuit, by hose nipple.
• Easy operating by red & blue color code for supply & return cooling circuit.
- PRESSURE: 4-6 Bar
- TEMP.: 0 -O 100C
- VALVE: Brass Ball Valve
4-Stack to 30-Stack
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